Link Popularity: The Stepping Stone For Greater Online Presence

What exactly is link popularity? It is not Page Rank. Link popularity is the measure of how popular your page is and how many links are directed to your site; and the quality of the sites that are directed to your site. Page Rank, on the other hand, is almost always confused with link popularity. Page Rank is normally a Google term, ranging from 1-10, and is used to classify the relevancy of a site based on keywords, description, and link popularity. Link popularity uses quality; page ranking uses quantity.Link popularity is a major stepping stone for any online presence. If no one knows about your site, then it does not exist. On the other hand, your site may also be extremely popular due to pop ups and campaigns on sites with a bad reputation; this is when quality comes into play when link popularity is determined.Apart from having the right keywords and good reputation, link popularity can be earned through link exchange. Link exchanges could greatly up your site on search engines, therefore, drive more traffic to your site. Note: that you should have the correct anchor text on your site in order to get page ranked accurately.Another great strategy in gaining link popularity is the overall content of your site. Do you have interesting material? Why should anyone bother linking to your site? Sometimes, sites with great content get linked by viewers on other sites. Some webmasters might stumble upon your site and request to use some of the content of your site with your permission and all links in place; this adds to your link popularity.For example, say your website sells and gives information on ‘tomatoes’. When you type in the word ‘tomato’ into a search engine, and your page isn’t in the top ten, your link is not optimized. Check the other sites that happen to be in the top ten lists. Some browsers may allow you to view the page source of such websites. How do you compare? How many links do you have on your site and how many sites are targeted to your site? Do you have the proper Meta tags? This is where you can use your competitors’ site to your own advantage and all these are important factors in gaining link popularity.Also, great content, such as keyword oriented articles and reviews can draw traffic to your site with little to no effort on your part. Good luck on promoting your tomatoes, remember that quality surpasses quantity!

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